Discover Yellowstone Country on Foot

Our hiking guides have a serious passion for the outdoors, and they can’t wait to show you this beautiful area on foot. By providing multiple guides for each hike, we ensure that you enjoy the morning or afternoon at a pace you’re comfortable with. With over 17,000 acres to explore – including the Custer Gallatin National Forest right out our back door – you can explore something new every day!

Daily Hikes

We offer guided hikes every morning and afternoon lasting from 1 1/2 – 2/12 hours depending upon the trail and pace of the group. Because we are hiking in an arid climate at 5,600’ of elevation, we start the week off slowly and ramp up the difficulty level a little bit each day.

Sunrise Hikes

Our Sunrise Hike guides depart the Main Lodge at 7:00am and lead guests on a 1-hour jaunt for those who want to stretch and get their blood pumping before breakfast. This activity is limited to the spring, summer and early fall season.

Specialty Hikes

During the summer season, we offer a regular lineup of hikes that each have a special focus.

  • The Red Rocks Hike offers a journey into the Custer Gallatin National Forest, were we’ll take in views of unique, iron-enriched rock formations.
  • Our Wellness Walks offer a mindful practice and help us experience slowing down in the fast-paced world we live in. One of our Wellness Specialists will guide you through an intentional walk to open the senses, de-stress, and connect with nature.
  • The All-Day Hike offers a fully-customizable day-long hiking experience with lunch on the trail.
  • The Challenger Hikes cover both distance and elevation to reward hikers with stunning views. Hikes vary depending on trail conditions and seasonal restrictions.

“Mountain Sky: A buoyant, blissful state of mind. An appetite vanquished in style. Adventure with a smile. Thank you.”

- The Copelands

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