AMB West Conservation

Responsible and Sustainable Land Management

Beyond sharing the best in Western hospitality, we also intend to have a positive impact on the land, and to protect what make our ranches such remarkable places. We have a deep appreciation for the natural heritage that is sewn into this landscape, and we look to the future with creativity and a profound respect for our natural resources. We manage our properties in a responsible and sustainable manner and strive to bolster good stewardship of the land that has brought us together.

Investment Strategy

In its conservation philanthropy, the family and Foundation honor our core values by listening to and learning from residents; recognizing that navigating tradeoffs requires thoughtful, inclusive approaches; encouraging collaboration among partners working for collective impact; and investing in long-term solutions that ensure the ecologically unique natural resources of Paradise Valley will thrive for generations to come.

The AMB West Conservation Fund supports high-impact projects in the Paradise Valley that enhance the ability of human and ecological communities in the valley to thrive over the long term. The Fund seeks collaborative solutions that consider the Paradise Valley as a system, irrespective of property or jurisdictional boundaries.

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation directors are currently focusing on the Yellowstone River, including the conservation and responsible management of the Upper Yellowstone Watershed.

For 2021, the Foundation is especially interested in breakthrough solutions and partnerships that advance the following priorities for the Upper Yellowstone River and the landscape that surrounds it:

  • Engage and mobilize residents through outreach efforts to address rapidly changing land use patterns that threaten the wildlife, waterways, and open space nature of the watershed.
  • Conserve and protect working farms and ranches from fragmentation through partnership with landowners and land trusts.
  • Foster a local dialogue that addresses concerns and threats that wildlife face as they migrate across the watershed.
  • Preserve and improve the health of the watershed, with a special interest in developing a drought response strategy that is informed by locally collected data.

To apply for a grant, please read through the grant guidelines and follow the provided linksĀ here.

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