Sip on a hot cup of coffee while you take in the Montana sunrise. Enjoy a crisp morning hike, energize your body with a yoga session, or watch the wranglers herd the horses down the mountainside. After a bountiful breakfast buffet, ride on horseback through acres of flower-filled meadows or stroll along beautiful Big Creek.


The afternoon could be adventuresome, hiking miles of trails, rafting down the Yellowstone River, or trying your hand at mountain stream fly fishing. Wrap up your afternoon activities with a restorative yoga session to stretch tired muscles. For a more relaxing day, soak up the sunshine and view of Emigrant Peak by the pool, or take time for a soothing massage.


Enjoy a dinner ride barbecue cooked over the grill at the lower ranch pavilion, or savor a delicious gourmet dinner in the dining room. Sing your favorite western songs on our hors d’oeuvres hayride or around the campfire. Top off the evening with a nightcap in the cozy saloon, or unwind with a late-night soak in the hot tub.

What about the kids?

From morning until bedtime, your children are free to roam. For the little ones, and any who choose to participate, our staff has a variety of activities planned to entertain and delight children of all ages – horseback rides, games in our heated swimming pool, fishing in the ranch pond, participating in arts and crafts, taking nature walks, and many more crazy and wild antics cooked up by our creative staff. Our counselors supervise your children’s activities so you are free to enjoy yours.