Zariah Burroughs, Cook

Zariah Burroughs, Cook

Hi, I’m Zariah born and raised in Atlanta. I was a pharmacy technician for three years before attending the Westside Works Culinary Academy, where I was given the opportunity to come here to Mountain Sky. I can’t wait to explore more of this beautiful state, and of course, serving you all delicious food!

“My first and last word when I think of Mountain Sky is WOW! It is a beautiful full service resort facility nestled in the picturesque Gallatin National Forest, surrounded by magnificent mountain peaks, and only a short drive to Yellowstone National Park. But, perhaps the most impressive feature of Mountain Sky is its spectacular service staff, from the front desk, to the kitchen/bar, to the stables, and everywhere in between. I have never experienced a more pleasant, professional, and helpful group of people, and now, new friends.”

- B. Letts

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