Teo Abbruzzese, Land and Livestock Manager

Teo Abbruzzese, Land and Livestock Manager

Born in the Northeast and raised in the Midwest, I first experienced Mountain Sky as a guest in 2007. I was hooked immediately, spending three summers a as a wrangler before finishing school and moving back east. It wasn’t until 2018 when we returned to Montana and I was hired on at the Lower Ranch. My wife, Sam, our twin boys, and I live at the base of Big Creek Road, where I manage the agriculture operations for the ranch. I’ll have the team hitched and ready for a trip to the schoolhouse during dinner ride and if you want to ride through some cattle, sign up for the Working Ranch and we can explore the ranch off-trail!

“Once again, Mountain Sky sets the standard for kindness, professionalism and generosity. We all benefit from being here. You have become part of our family’s history.”

- The Fitch Family

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