Teo Abbruzzese, Land and Livestock Manager

Teo Abbruzzese, Land and Livestock Manager

Born in the Northeast and raised in the Midwest, I first experienced Mountain Sky as a guest in 2007. I was hooked immediately, spending three summers a as a wrangler before finishing school and moving back east. It wasn’t until 2018 when we returned to Montana and I hired on at the Lower Ranch. My wife, Sam, and I live at the base of Big Creek Road, where I manage the agriculture operations for the ranch. I’ll have the team hitched and ready for a trip to the schoolhouse after dinner ride and if you want to ride through some cattle, sign up for the Working Ranch and we can explore the ranch off trail!

“I just had to write to tell you all what a perfect time it was! My Husband and I travel a lot, and rarely do we experience anything close to the level of service that seems to come easily to you guys! Everyone went out of their way to make the experience enjoyable for us.”

- D. Barlow

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