Marlena Schlerman, Wrangler

Marlena Schlerman, Wrangler

This will be my first season working as a wrangler for Mountain Sky and I could not be more excited to meet everyone and to spend time in such a beautiful place. I grew up in rural western Massachusetts, but recently I have embraced the nomadic lifestyle of my work and just live out of two duffle bags. In the past four years since graduating high school, I have been working professionally in the top levels of dressage and show jumping. I have predominantly been following the show circuit on the east coast of the US as well as in Canada and various locations in Europe. I thoroughly enjoy living a fast-paced and active lifestyle and in my free time, I like to bake, hike, exercise, and read. I always love a good adventure and I’m ready for the ones that await this summer!

“Having to plan a trip for a group of 20, my experience with Mountain Sky was incredible right from the beginning. We had some pretty specific requirements and the only answer I ever received was, ‘Sure we can do that for you!’ They were an absolute dream to work with. The property itself is like heaven on earth, and the food…don’t get me started, but let’s just say magnificent. Accommodations and other amenities: just what you would expect from an upper-end dude ranch. They did not disappoint; every detail was covered.”

- Wendy Dunlap, SKYY Spirits National Accounts

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