Luke Wynne, Guest Services

Luke Wynne, Guest Services

I am from Richmond, Virginia and am very excited to spend my summer out in Montana! I’m finishing up my bachelor’s in civil engineering at Virginia Tech and whenever I’m not studying, you can find me exploring all the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer. Growing up, I have always loved the outdoors and living in Blacksburg has allowed my childhood enjoyments to grow into hobbies like hiking,┬ácamping, fishing, and climbing. After spending a couple summers on the beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina, I wanted to trade my surfboard for some cowboy boots and head out to Mountain Sky!

“Since our family visit in August, I have had plans (in my mind) to write to tell you what a wonderful time we all had. All ages were sooo totally happy. Mountain Sky is more than I had ever imagined. You all, and I do mean all, are to be congratulated on a job well done.”

- S. Day

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