Kayla Babb, Housekeeping Manager

Kayla Babb, Housekeeping Manager

I fell in love with Montana the first time I laid eyes on her back in 2014 while coming to work inside Yellowstone National Park. Her beauty has inspired me to travel this country and meet all sorts of interesting and lovely people. I have a goal to see all fifty states and only have eleven left until I’ve reached my goal!

I love talking about the park and the surrounding areas so please feel free to chit chat with me or ask any questions.

I think this part of the country is some of the most beautiful I have yet to see and I look forward to making your stay with us a warm and welcoming one!

“Once again, Mountain Sky sets the standard for kindness, professionalism and generosity. We all benefit from being here. You have become part of our family’s history.”

- The Fitch Family

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