Katie DeLucia, Assistant Wellness Director

Katie DeLucia, Assistant Wellness Director

Hi everyone! I am beyond thrilled to be joining the team at Mountain Sky. The past few years of my life have been filled with spontaneous living and adventure, from living on the rocky coast of Maine, to the valleys of Montana, the sunny shores of Southern California, and every road trip it has brought me in-between. A part of my curiosity to travel has been out of the desire to find anywhere that has felt like home, yet nothing has felt homier like Montana’s magic mountains. Being on the ranch with you will be more than just a summer ride, but one of great meaning to me and also a homecoming. When not working in guest services or teaching Yoga this summer you may just find me loving nature, painting on my easel in a field of wildflowers, or on the dance floor! See you there, and I cannot wait. Cheers!

“The beauty, the people, the rides, the hikes, the food and the new relationships I’ve made: these are moments that will last forever… until next year!”

- N. Mamann

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