Kassidee Ramsey, Wrangler

Kassidee Ramsey, Wrangler

My whole life I’ve been told it’s just a horse. It never ceases to amaze me the places just a horse will take you and the people you will meet. Growing up in a small town in Maine the opportunities with horses were few and far between but somehow I always managed to find a barn to spend my free time at. Upon graduating high school my love of horses took me to Iowa where I completed a degree in Equine Science and Equine Management. After working training horses for a year I moved to Oklahoma where I’ve gotten to see a different side of the industry while working as a vet tech. I am now ready to get back to riding horses and could not be more excited about starting this new journey at Mountain Sky. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing that love for horses that brought us all together.

“Take me back to Mountain Sky for the beauty, the adventure, the peace and the quiet, and the gourmet meals of a lifetime!”

- Kerry Traubert

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