Kassidee Ramsey, Wrangler

Kassidee Ramsey, Wrangler

My whole life I’ve been told it’s just a horse. It never ceases to amaze me the places just a horse will take you and the people you will meet. Growing up in a small town in Maine the opportunities with horses were few and far between but somehow I always managed to find a barn to spend my free time at. Upon graduating high school my love of horses took me to Iowa where I completed a degree in Equine Science and Equine Management. After working training horses for a year I moved to Oklahoma where I’ve gotten to see a different side of the industry while working as a vet tech. I am now ready to get back to riding horses and could not be more excited about starting this new journey at Mountain Sky. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing that love for horses that brought us all together.

“PERC has held more conferences than I can count at Mountain Sky. In returning I know the facilities will be great, the food will be outstanding, and the hospitality extraordinary. But I most appreciate feeling like I am returning to family every time I go back. That feeling started with my first visit. Thanks.”

- Terry L. Anderson; Executive Director, PERC

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