Julie Tate, Assistant Head Wrangler

Julie Tate, Assistant Head Wrangler

Welcome or welcome back! I grew up on San Juan Island in northwest Washington State, but now I call Livingston home. Before Mountain Sky, I graduated from Pomona College in Southern California and after a brief stint of sitting at a desk in San Francisco, I hopped on the wrangling train. Come join me on the trail and see why I have yet to look back (this is year number nine out here for me). I’m also a proud member of the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Fund — did you know that AMB West Philanthropies has given more than $4 million to non-profits that support local kids? I mean, just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better, right?

“Since our family visit in August, I have had plans (in my mind) to write to tell you what a wonderful time we all had. All ages were sooo totally happy. Mountain Sky is more than I had ever imagined. You all, and I do mean all, are to be congratulated on a job well done.”

- S. Day

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