Jimmy Hurd, Activities Specialist

Jimmy Hurd, Activities Specialist

How’s it going, everyone? My name’s Jimmy, originally from the Washington DC area, but have spent the last six years working a seasonal life around parts of the world. A ski instructor by winter and an outdoor guide by summer with some yoga thrown in there. If I can spend my day outside, I consider that a pretty good day. With an established yoga practice over the past five years I’m always happy if anyone wants to join me during my personal practice if they’re interested in learning a little more about yoga. When I’m not working you’ll spot me trail running around the property and meditating in the grass, which could be easily mistaken for a midday nap! I’m real easy going and always interested in hearing people’s stories, so if you see me around, come say hi!

“We had a riot! …we do things at the ranch that I wouldn’t do at home”

- Tasha W, TripAdvisor

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