Esme Sandoval, Pastry Assistant

Esme Sandoval, Pastry Assistant

I was born in Florida and currently live here but i would jump back and forth from Florida and Mexico a lot when I was younger, in total I lived 8 years in Mexico and the rest in the US. I am a pastry cook and have only ever worked in country clubs so this will be a fun new experience for me. I love pastry but I still have my other hobbies such as reading, video games, drawing, recently picked up knitting although I mainly knit giant blankets cause thats easier since all I need is my hands and yarn. I also enjoy traveling and getting know new people I’m the kind of person that will explore random restaurants and places just to wander around and see whats there I also really like the outdoors just have never really had a chance to fully experience it.

“We had a riot! …we do things at the ranch that I wouldn’t do at home”

- Tasha W, TripAdvisor

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