Ashley Henrich, Human Resources

Ashley Henrich, Human Resources

This is my first year at AMB West, and I bounce between Mountain Sky, West Creek and the Rising Sun Golf Course. I grew up in a small town in Northwest Indiana where my entire childhood was focused on the outdoors. I played softball from the moment I could walk all the way through high school, my grandpa taught me about gardening and the history of the land, and my sister and I were never inside before dark. I later moved to Indianapolis and got my bachelor’s in human resources and management. After college, I relocated to Denver for work and received my master’s in strategic human resources. After finishing my degree, my other half Austin and I decided it was time for a new adventure and Montana was calling our names! Some of our favorite activities are kayaking, antiquing and travelling. We have a dog, Radar, who absolutely loves all the rivers, lakes and ponds that Montana has to offer. I look forward to meeting you and I hope you enjoy your time at the ranch!

“The beauty, the people, the rides, the hikes, the food and the new relationships I’ve made: these are moments that will last forever… until next year!”

- N. Mamann

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