Re-energize Your Mind and Body

We foster an open and welcoming yoga program for all ages here at the ranch. Our experienced yoga instructors facilitate group classes geared toward all ability levels with a diverse range of focus areas. Our standard morning and afternoon classes are specifically designed for you to begin and end a day full of invigorating activity. Morning sessions encourage the awakening and energizing of the body and mind in preparation for the day, while afternoon sessions are restorative and focus on stretching and relaxation.

In addition to these standard morning and afternoon sessions, our instructors offer a variety of classes throughout the week that may include:

Yoga Basics                     Better Back Class

Gentle Yoga                     Yoga on the Ball

Flow Yoga                         Deep Stretch

      Happy Hips                    Mindful Meditation

We invite all ages, shapes and sizes to experience the restorative power of focused stretch and mindful movement.