Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

A Message to Our Valued Guests

April has traditionally been a time of excitement, as our first wave of seasonal staff arrive and start breathing life back into our hibernating operation. The COVID-19 health crisis has altered so many fundamental aspects of our lives, and we now find ourselves sifting through great uncertainty as we consider the future. We know how important the Mountain Sky vacation experience is to you, particularly during times when we could all use human connection, time spent outdoors, and an escape from our day-to-day routine… and Pam’s world-famous cookies.

But we are also in an unprecedented time of social protocols designed to protect us from this deadly virus. We think of you as more than guests – you are part of the Mountain Sky family. Your health and wellness always come first, and with the uncertain projections for this crisis, it’s clear that there are still very challenging times ahead.

In light of these considerations, we made the incredibly difficult decision today to set a tentative opening date for August 2nd of this year. While we would love nothing more than to welcome our scheduled guests as planned, it would go against one of the Core Values that drives our business – Putting People First. We care about you, our Associates and the community we call home. By making this tough choice now, we will do our part in keeping our entire Mountain Sky family safe.

As our owner Arthur Blank has said, we should be confident that we will all get through this by doing our parts to ensure our local communities, our country and our planet defeat this global pandemic.  This storm will pass, and when it does, the beauty of Big Sky country and our staff will eagerly welcome you back to Montana.

To our guests scheduled to visit before August 2, our reservations team will be reaching out by phone to discuss next steps, as we hope to welcome you back in 2021.

The fact that we won’t be sharing a physical space with many of you this season does not mean that our connection needs to end. We encourage you to reach out by email or phone if you have any stories or Mountain Sky photos to share. Please take a moment to watch the video below for a message from our Leadership Team and follow us on social media as we find creative ways – big and small – to send you a little bit of Mountain Sky magic this season. As I’ve often said, you bring this place to life, and we therefore hope that you’ll stay connected as we all keep an optimistic eye turned toward the future.

  • Mountain Sky COVID-19 Response

    Thank you for visiting our website. As we all continue to adjust to the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus health crisis, we have made the very tough decision to delay our opening, with a tentative date set for August 2, 2020. We encourage you to read the letter and view the video from RC and Yancey leading our website.

    Now more than ever, we want to stay connected to our guests, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to eventually welcoming all of you back to Mountain Sky Guest Ranch!